Who We Are

Innovating Interiors

Vohra Décor is the sister concern company of Vohra Asian Leather Crafts (Pvt) Ltd, an ISO certified company. The company has their own raw leather source (since 1890) in South Asia, state of the art Tannery and a modern design studio in Lahore. Having decades of the manufacturing experience and deep roots in Leather, the company is professionally managed and engaged in exporting Leather products of international standards to various global brands.

Vohra Décor is recognized foremost for their collection of Luxury Hair on Hide Floor Coverings, Cowhide Furniture, Wall Coverings, Cushions, etc. The company also supplies Cowhides for Interior, architectural and upholstery applications.


Refurbishing your style statement.

Apart from our collection items we also work together with architects, retailers, interior decorators and designers producing their custom designs for a wide range of projects such as for residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality, clubs or any other place they want to enhance with Vohra Décor.

We have the most skilled leather artisan. All our products are handmade. From the softest most luxurious materials, the perfection of stitching, to the harmony of colors and patterns, we are confident that our cowhide products are superior in quality and style than any other in the world.

Quality Control

Pure and Elegant Living.

Our quality system starts with the selection of the finest hides, only the best hides are chosen one by one to ensure soft and unmarked rugs. Once they have been chosen, the hides are grouped according to their color family, then tanned under European standards, and finally cut and assembled to form the different designs.

Not only we respect our animal´s natural environment, but we cherish it: natural healthier environment provides the healthiest and most flexible leather that we could ever find.


Luxury begins at Home.

All hides used in the production of our rugs come from animal farming for food consumption. We are not producing new materials to put on our planet; we feel very good about selecting what is leftover from the food industry. Leather is a 100% natural product, which comes from nature and will one day return to nature.